How To Look After Your Dog's Waterproof Bed

Keeping your dog's bed clean has many benefits both to you the owner and your dog. In the first instance if you like a clean house then the dog's bed can be a source of OCD frustration because it never stays clean for longer than the time between walks. For your dog, having a clean bed means they will be healthier and happier.

Keeping Waterproof Dog Beds clean is the easiest. All of our Waterproof Dog Beds are manufactured in the Uk to a very high standard. The material is heavy duty upholstery grade fabric stitched together in East Sussex. This means they can withstand a bit more rough treatment than the other soft material dog beds. 

Step 1: Remove excess hair and dirt with a hoover. Be warned this can cause your hoover to smell as the hair stays trapped in the hoover bag for quite a while and is hard to remove. It might be possible to have a separate hoover for your dog hair.

Step 2: Be careful not to immerse your dog bed in water. This will lead to damage. Wash the dog bed using water and a sponge or a cloth but don't dunk the bed into a bath or sink. In an ideal world and if you have one you wash the detergent off with a hose or even better a jet wash. Similar to washing your car, you may want gloves to keep your fingers warm in the cold and a stiff brush to scrub the bed with. Make sure you wash all of the detergents off the bed before drying.

Step 3: Dry your waterproof dog bed, in the same way, you dry clothes. If you have an outside washing line, simply hang the bed from the line in a fresh breeze and hopefully some sunlight. If you are lucky enough to own an Aga you can always hang the dog bed on the back of a chair a short distance from the Aga. Never put the dog bed on top of the Aga as this may cause burn marks on the material and be dangerous.

Step 4: Return bed to its rightful owner who will shower you with praise and ask for yet more food and another walk. All of which should be given freely.

Please be careful when cleaning your dog's bed with the type of detergent you use. A lot of dogs are just like humans, they may look like wild animals but have sensitive skin, so check with your vet what would be the best cleaning material to use.


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