Introducing the Dogs Dogs Dogs Quality Assurance Team (Berry)

It is time to meet the second of our quality assurance team at Dogs Dogs Dogs, Berry the mad Labrador. Berry is a beautiful 8-year-old Black Lab from Dorset, who looks after her masters James and Francesca. With a passion for anything edible, Berry is like most labradors who are fixated with trying to find more.

Living in competition with Holly, the Spaniel  from our previous post, Berry uses her larger bottom to dominate any dog bed space available in the office. As you can see from the photos, it doesn't matter how large or small the bed, Berry will try and fit in. 

Berry the Dog Bed Tester

Berry has a fondness for eating out late at night when she escapes, especially on Thursday's as this is pie night as far as Berry is concerned. AKA "bin night" in Dorset. Her favourite starter is to open the brown food waste bin, then to move up to the farm shop to pick through the wasted veg. When she returns home from these escapades she often looks like she has eaten a house so goes back to a diet of beans and veg until the following Thursday, when she can be seen leaping over the garden fence like a salmon on its way to spawn.

Berry also loves a good walk with her friends the "Children". This only occurs however when the "children" can be dragged away from the XBox. Living in Dorset is great because the walks are endless and usually involve some steep hill that the owners struggle to climb, giving Berry more time to run around them.

Family dogs

If you meet Berry with your own dog, don't be surprised if she starts doing 360 turns in the air, her own little flirt trick which goes down a storm with the boys. Berry is looking forward to trying out more dog beds and accessories and is especially keen on the waterproof dog bed that keeps her owner happy when they return from a muddy walk.

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