Berry Takes the Hot Spot in the Kitchen

Any country dog worth its salt knows the best place to sit or lie in the kitchen is near the Aga. If you are unfamiliar with an Aga then think of an oven that never stops heating both its insides and the surrounding area. Some even take on the job of heating the house hot water supply. Berry, one of our dog bed testers is lucky enough to have an Aga at home and she knows exactly how to get the top spot in the kitchen. 

Berry sleeping next to the Aga

She is also lucky enough to currently be testing one of our Country Dog Heavy Duty Oval Dog Beds in Green. She has assured us it is her favourite bed so far and enjoys it when her owners move it around the house so she can hear and see what's going on in the evenings. Her mistress is especially keen on the durability and easy to clean properties of the bed. 

Dog bed next to Aga

As a busy mother who enjoys long walks and the company Berry provides, she is less keen on the mud that seems to cover the Dorset countryside like glue. This mud seems to stick to Berry's fur in the same way her son's pyjamas and duvet stay on his bedroom floor in the morning. Having an easy to clean dog bed takes away one more of her daily tasks and the job can even be entrusted to her other half, DogsDogsDogs Director James.

Black and White Dog Bed Photo

If you want to know more about cleaning your waterproof dog bed then read our 4 step guide: Otherwise, Berry will be back soon to give her opinion on other Doggy related products.

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